AI in supply chains: Helping businesses respond to change

There is no respite in sight for global supply chains, after a year of disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Faced with an onslaught of demand fluctuations, border shutdowns, and stay-at-home orders, most suppliers have been judged on their resiliency amid unprecedented pressure. Today’s globalized supply chains must navigate a whole gamut of operational, financial, and ethical risks – everything from averting delivery chargebacks to monitoring forced labor watchlists.

Experts believe many of the structural vulnerabilities that plague supply chains will persist well beyond the conclusion of the pandemic. And nowhere are the fault-lines more apparent than in the semiconductor industry, where shortages continue to derail automotive production – an issue that required the intervention of the US president Joe Biden. To succeed in this new era of global disruption, supply chains must take full advantage of emerging technologies – and this includes artificial intelligence. AI-driven software and geotracking can massively improve supply chain visibility and unlock operational efficiencies, helping businesses predict and respond to change.

In this eBook, sponsored by supply chain software specialist Blue Yonder (formerly JDA), we explore the role of AI in supply chain management and optimization. We discuss popular use cases and feature perspectives from companies including Microsoft, DHL, Morrisons and a multinational beverage producer. We hope that this publication will equip you with the knowledge required to build more resilient supply chains, enabling your business to thrive in years ahead.

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